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JHCTECH boosts the Sixth “Fixed Intelligent Traffic Law Enforcement System” Construction and the Renovation Project of Traffic Police Department, Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau


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    On April 29, 2016, commissioned by the Traffic Police Department of Shanghai Public Security Bureau(Shanghai, one of China's biggest
metropolis), Shanghai Pucheng Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Tendering Co., Ltd. initiated a nationwide open bid for the Sixth
“Fixed Intelligent Traffic Law Enforcement System” Construction and the Renovation Project. Many qualified and competitive enterprises
had submitted their biding papers upon the announcement of bidding. A round of comprehensive assessments from the committee finalized
winning companies on June 3, 2016. 

    By virtue of diverse product categories, excellent product and service quality, outstanding product features and advantages, rich and
professional experience, JHC stood out among its rivals and was chosen as the one and only supplier of embedded industrial computers
of these recognized companies.

    With an operating system specialized in computer development and design as well technical solutions of intelligent transport industry for more than 10 years, JHCTECH has developed into a world leading provider in intelligent traffic control field in terms of relevant products and solutions. As a customer-oriented company, JHCTECH aspires to constantly satisfy customers’ needs with customized products, in order to be a solid support for accurate, reliable and safe, multitasking electrical police system. 

    This project has perfectly shown off JHCTECH’s newly-developed fanless embedded industrial computers - FEBC series. According to the implementation program of HD intelligent electrical police and real traffic conditions of Shanghai City, FEBC series have conformed to Electrical Police Construction Technical Specification issued by the client. This series of products directly connect to high-definition integrated cameras as the only video detector of the front end. For its military-grade quality and high-capacity storage, front-end data will be firstly stored here, which will cooperate with back-end redundant servers to ensure data security.


FEBC series product offerings in the front-end information collecting and processing subsystem of traffic law enforcement system

    Additionally, FEBCs not only enable an intelligent, robust and automated traffic control system but also are able to work normally for a whole day even at extreme temperatures, ranging from -20 ~ +70 ℃, with high resistance to harsh environmental conditions, which are ascribed to the unique designs, therefore providing more effective information and data for road surveillance and management. 

Main Features:

1. One-key recovery, remote system monitoring;

2. Fanless design, sturdy shield and above IP51 protection degree;

3. Low-powered, single hard drive≤14W, large hard drive with a wide range of working temperature from -20°~ 70 ℃(-4°~ 158℉ );

4. Double-disc configuration - SSD and surveillance HDD( maximum 6TB HDD);

5. X86 architecture, 64-bit processor, multi-system support( Linux and XP, Win7, Server2003/2008);

6. Hardware LCM monitor and built-in USB dongle mount cater to the needs of video surveillance industry;

7. Store and transmit videos by eight 3 megapixels IP cameras or four 6 megapixels IP cameras simultaneously via the dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and 512Mbps bandwidth.


Application-oriented embedded fanless industrial box computer 

        designed by JHCTECH independently


The rapid development of IoT has brought tremendous changes in various fields. With the goal of building intelligent transportation and smart cities and empowering future life with science and technology, JHCTECH devotes to the development of IoT and keeps up with the latest trends and firmly focuses on this industry. The sixth project of Shanghai traffic police has recognized and honored JHC’s quality product and service over the past 10 more years and reaffirmed outstanding advantages of our embedded computers in the field of intelligent transportation construction.        

Based on cutting-edge IoT technologies, JHCTECH aims to step into more practical applications with better products,and cooperate with long-standing customers to empower intelligent working and living. 


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