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JHCTECH Visits Vietnamese Partners


Recently, our product manager and sales manager in charge of Vietnam have just finished the special visit to this promising market. They have met with some our long-term partners, including end-users, distributors. Vietnam is vigorous market with people who desire for better development in this land. For this journey, JHCTECH aims to stay closely in touch with our clients in Vietnam in order to provide in-time technical support and help them clear troubles. JHCTECH is commitment to responding to our clients' needs without any delay. 

                                  Quyet Thang- JHCTECH's distributor in Ho Chi Minh City, a company who specialized in automation for decades of years.  
                                                  (The modernization process drives a big need for industrial computers, which plays in pivotal role in automation.)


                                                       MC&TT- a well-known industrial computer distributor in Hanoi.

                                                         DACOa professional supplier of factory automation terminal devices in Hanoi.

                                           Aseatech, Siemen's Distributor- JHCTECH's product manager is introducing the advantages of our products in intelligent
                                                        automation. This company's great interest in our products demonstrates that there is a rising trend of diverse market needs
                                                       and prospects as Vietnam is on the road of rapid development.

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                                                  Solution: JHCTECH's clients-ASTEC, FEBC 3155&3112 are applied in smart gate systems at airports
                                                              and customs clearance centers. Passengers can check their passports or ID cards through the automated hannels.
                                                             (FEBC-3155 is for identification and FEBC-3112 is for control.) 

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                                                      On-site technical support-JHCTECH's FEBC-5951 is used in the expressway toll collection system.


                                                 VIIF( Vietnam International Industrial Fair) 2016

                                             This professional industrial automation exhibition in Hanoi gives us an chance to stay close to Vietnamese market. 

This valuable visit to Vietnam not only allows us to experience an energetic market, but also have more understanding of Vietnamese. Vietnamese are hopeful to build a more powerful, modern economy and embrace new technologies and application with an open mind. That is just why JHCTECH ranks Vietnam as one of our principal markets. JHCTECH is more than an industrial supplier and we promise to provide our clients with quality products, technical support, practical solutions, timely maintenance with utmost efforts and sincerity. We aspire to cooperate with ambitious, responsible companies here to speed up its development and make contributions to Asian sustainable economic prosperity. 


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