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JHCTECH's ALAD Industrial Touch Panel PCs&Display Have Been Officially Certified in European and American Markets


youjian3.jpgJHCTECH product R&D department recently has announced that ALAD panel PCs and touch display have been certified with CE and FCC marking.This is another significant recognition after ISO9001 certification regarding product quality conformity. CE and FCC marks on JHCTECH products endows our products with the free marketability in the European Economic Area(EEA) and in the US.

                                                                                       JHCTECH's ALAD Panel PC

Since the very first establishing day, JHCTECH has lived up to the concept - quality is the life and future of a sustainable enterprise.
Therefore, developing a sound and strict enterprise quality system is one of our top priorities in order to continuously improve the safety,
reliability and applicability of our products. And we ensure this scientific and rigid quality assurance system runs through every procedure:
product design, product assembly and manufacturing, components purchasing, product sales, product testing, after-sales service, etc..
Offering safe, efficient and reliable products and service to our customers is our everlasting pursuit. Customers’ reliance and satisfaction
is a reward and stimulus to JHCTECH. The certifications of CE and FCC therefore are tickets for JHCTECH to enter into strict European
and American markets.


"CE marking is a mandatory conformity marking for certain products sold within the European Economic Area(EEA) since 1985", which is
regarded by manufacturers as the passport to European countries. CE is originated from Conformité Européenne,viz,European Conformity.
Because CE marking indicates that products are compliance with relevant EU legislations applicable to products, regardless of where
manufactured, it allows free movement and sale of product throughout the EEC.Furthermore, CE mark is also founded on products sold outside EEA that are manufactured in, or designed to be sold in, the EEA. This makes the CE marking recognizable worldwide and necessary in the EEA. Similarly,FCC mark,or FCC Declaration of Conformity, can be also founded on products manufactured, or sold in the United States. FCC label indicates that certain electrical devices are under the limit of electromagnetic interference approved by the Federal Communications Commission. All these certifications are evidences that JHCTECH aims to provider our clients with supreme quality products and sincere service.

ALAD-151T CE 证书_1.jpg

ALAD-A1201T-S001 CE证书 EMC_1.jpg
ALAD-A1501T-S001 CE证书 EMC_1.jpg
ALAD-K1520T CE 证书_1.jpg
ALAD-A1201T-S001 FCC 证书 DOC_1.jpg
ALAD-A1501T-S001 FCC 证书 DOC_1.jpg


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