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JHCTECH's FEBC-3155 Supports Chinese Top Football Matches



2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Qualifiers are in full swing worldwide, which attracts great attention of sports fans from the world.
Are you one of them? Have you ever connected industrial PCs with football matches?

Not only for industrial use:

JHCTECH's industrial PCs are not only for industrial use but also can play a vital role in ensuring excellent matches. In recent years,
football enjoys greater popularity in China as well. Therefore, the organizer also aspires to create best viewing experience for viewers.
Perfect LED displaying is one of their efforts to achieve the goal. JHCTECH's FEBC-3155 is designated as the main controller of ads
display screens of 2017- 2020 Chinese Football Association Super League(CSL).


What has happened actually?

On 11 December, 2016,
the organizer of CSL has announced the final result of its stadium LED display
official supplier soliciting project. JHCTECH's long-term partner -Absen,
has been pointed as the one and only official supplier of CSL's LED display.

Therefore, JHCTECH becomes the reliable provider of fanless embedded industrial PCs
of the LED display platform.

How does it work?

The information output system is supported with two FEBC-3155 compact box PCs, which maximize the efficiency and reliability of the display platform.

The following photos can explain the working principles:

System Diagram


Wiring Diagram


Why is FEBC-3155?

. Low-power fanless embedded FEBC-3155 with Intel Core I5-5200U ULT processor can adapt to various environments.

. One device with dual HDMI ports; VGA>2,000 resolution; strong applicability.

. As the reliable signal converter, it can convert HDMI signal into network signal, ensuring video information high-efficient transmission.

. IP65 water-proof; aluminum alloy chassis, cooling design.

. Easy to assemble and maintain.

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