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High Performance Face Recognition, JHCTECH is Ready!


Face recognition technology refers to the identification of human face by comparing the visual characteristics, It is a typical application in artificial intelligence recognition.


Why face recognition technology developed quickly? On the one hand, all sectors of society have aware of the importance of face recognition, the state also has given a number of support policies to face recognition technology research; On the other hand, more important is that the GPU for face recognition R & D and application provides powerful hardware support, high-speed graphics processing efficiency and parallel processing capabilities, making face matching and large data storage become a reality.

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) called graphics processor, also known as the display core, visual processing processor, and display chip, It is a microprocessor that works on image operations on personal computers, workstations, game consoles, and some mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and so on. GPU can drive the display information needed by the computer system and provide a scan signal to the display to control the display.QQ截图20170828173432.jpg


JHCTECH focus on the research and development of the intelligen&IoT system and also pay attention to face recognition research. JHCTECH’s product KMDA-3210, KMDA-3610, KMDA-3810 and FEBC-5950, equipped with the ninth generation of Intel GPU processor, provides a solution for accurate face recognition.

CPU integrated Intel® HD Graphics core display, a system has a CPU as a logical / control operation and its integrated GPU to complete video codec.


CPU integrated Intel® HD Graphics core, a system has a CPU as a logical / control operation and two NIVIDA GPU are used for parallel algorithm.


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