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Compact dimension box computer KMDA-2602 and universal dimension box computer KMDA-2701 are two new products of KMDA series. With PCB to PCB mult structure and fanless design, these products are powered by Intel Celeron J1900 2.0-2.42GHz 4cores 4threads processor, improve the stability of the products greatly.


Equipped with ECM-I715 motherboard and I/O connectivity plan, KMDA-26012, KMDA-2701 allowing customization for specific application requirements. Though adjust motherboard functional interface or I/O sub plate to meet specific end-user application requirements, this becomes the biggest selling point of the two new products.

Other Features:

1. With Streamline design, high cooling efficiency by using cooling section.
2. Panel added silkscreen alphanumeric of KMDA making the products more exquisite and beautiful .
3. Front panel has an OEM function interface (I-port) and change the shutter can find the built-in optional interface.


4. Using the AT / ATX DIP switch to select the mode of the product is powered on.


5. Added CPU temperature indicator with different colors of LED lights to show the operating temperature range of the CPU.



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