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Laser Cutting Machine and Laser Engraving



Laser cutting and engraving technique is to use a laser to process the raw materials used in industrial manufacturing applications, such as cutting plastic, metal, coated metal, rock and glass. Laser engraving process will leave clear edges, to achieve a high quality surface treatment. Industrial laser cutting machine is used for cutting flat materials, sectional material and tubes. In the CNC process, laser cutting and carving techniques include forming, surface treatment, cutting, drilling PCB hole and cutting electrode. Laser cutting import electronic data directly from CAD drawings, and then processing the complex plate-shaped parts. The laser technology with high precision and high accuracy. One challenge the device manufacturers faced is how to achieve laser density control under the situation of simultaneous localization and movement. In order to unify the laser process more smoothly, using DSP 4/8 axis advanced motion control card, using the look-up table approach to ensure access to accurate laser density and movement speed change information. Fanless embedded box computer with multiple expansion FEBC-5950, suitable for use in high dust, heat machine, the DSP 4/8 axis advanced motion control card is inserted in the machine, then can be integrated into an optimal hardware platform.

Technical Features:

DESKTOP processor, fanless cooling design

convenient operation, less pollution workpiece, clear surface treatment.

high precision and high accuracy to achieve portrayed cutting

strong, durable, IP45 splash and dust protection, high reliability



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