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Automatic Ampoule Light Inspection Machine



Full-automatic detection of pharmaceutical enterprises for 1-20ml ampoule injection product visible objects matter and sealing defects.

  • l pharmacopoeia standard system detection accuracy, can detect the tiny objects matter more than 40μ 

  • l high image acquisition frame rate (51 images per bottle), to improve the detection rate and repeatability of the system

  • l high-speed image detection, each bottle of processing time is 90ms;

  • l LED light, strobe control technology to extend lamp lifetime;

  • l intelligent objects classification technology, to make valid classification for detected objects, real-time sound and light alarm and rejection;

  • l Detect data real-time display, touch-screen operator interface;

  • l host is fanless cooling design, flexible installation

  • l system is easy to operate, stable and reliable.



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