• Meet future / JHC AIoT Computer Powers Driver-less and ICVIS

    JHC AIoT computer,very suitable for driver-less, ICVIS(Intelligent Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure Systems)

  • JHC’s KGEC family power industrial automation

    Equipped with Intel® Skylake-S/Kabylake-S/Whiskey lake-U CPU and modular I/O expansion , supporting EtherCAT/CanOpen communication interfaces

  • News!JHC collaborate with Cambricon for building AIoT intelligent ecology

    Aims to optimize AI computing power of edge-end devices, accelerate the development of AIoT industries, and jointly build a new smart ecosystem.

  • New arrival | Automation Controller KGEC Series, Din-rail installation

    Edge controller, integrates PLC control technology and PC information technology, integrates  motion control, I/O data acquisition and other functions

  • Special discount for industrial automation field expert

    JHC edge controller, with higher machining accuracy, high real-time, high redundancy and reliability, small common mode error,optimal solution for industrial automation


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