• Intel and JHCTECH Jointly Create ETC Solutions Based on Intel® Architecture

    Intel has been working closely with partners including JHCTECH to achieve the tight integration of software and hardware, and the rapid
    deployment of ETC IPC product...

  • JHCTECH’s KMDA-3920 box computer helps prevent and control the outbreak of epidemic

    The intelligent infrared body temperature screening system can easily obtain more detection dynamic information through KMDA-3920 high-performance computing function, red...

  • New丨JHCTECH Vehicle Computer SIGM-3250 , Upgrade ITS

    JHCTECH has launched a high-profile series of SIGM-3250 ,which fits the reliability of all aspects of service, and can make us provide passengers with a more comfortable ...

  • JOIN US丨JHCTECH recruits agents worldwide. Blue Ocean Market One-Stop Service! Zero risk!

    Regularly participate in more than 10 domestic and foreign industry exhibitions, attract industry leaders from various industries ,and be keen to grasp market trends .Our...


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