• JHC’s KGEC family power industrial automation

    Equipped with Intel® Skylake-S/Kabylake-S/Whiskey lake-U CPU and modular I/O expansion , supporting EtherCAT/CanOpen communication interfaces

  • New arrival | Automation Controller KGEC Series, Din-rail installation

    Edge controller, integrates PLC control technology and PC information technology, integrates  motion control, I/O data acquisition and other functions

  • New arrival丨JHCTECH WPPC-H1780T, rugged waterproof panel PC

    Protection grade:IP66.Ingenious humanized structure design can ensure high protection and convenient use of the IO port at the same.

  • New丨JHCTECH Vehicle Computer SIGM-3250 , Upgrade ITS

    JHCTECH has launched a high-profile series of SIGM-3250 ,which fits the reliability of all aspects of service, and can make us provide passengers with a more comfortable ...

  • Surprise!BRAV-7303 will meet with you at the 17th China public security expo

    AI , artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, also known as intellectual and machine intelligence, refers to the intelligence exhibited by machines made by peopl...


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