• Introducting SIGM-U1350, a 1U Rack-mounted AI Box Computer

    SIGM-U1350 is a standard 1U rack mount fanless In-Vehicle & rugged computer, powered by Intel® Skylake/Kabylake-U CPU, with MLU220T-MXM module, support dual 4G LTE/ Wifi...

  • SIGM-3250 In-vehicle Box Computer for Passenger Information System in Nanchang Metro

    To ensure the safety and efficiency of railway systems, PIS passenger information system is being widely deployed. Let’s look at this a little more closely to under...

  • 2022 Winter Olympics | JHCTECH KMDA-3602 Empowers Autonomous Driving Helper to Create Transportation Service in Zhangjiakou City

    JHCTECH provided the leading edge computing product to support the autonomous helper deployed for this 2022 Winter Olympics.

  • 【Product Alert】KMDA-2630 Palm-sized Box PC with Intel Elkhart lake CPU

    KMDA-2630 is a compact and fanless box computer with ultra-low power consumption, powered by Intel Elkhart lake SoC Celeron series quad-core or dual-core proces...

  • 【Product Alert】Customized EOM-I912 Motherboard Module for Flexible Expansion

    One of the unique features of EOM-I912 is it can be customized for providing flexible expansion support. If you have any specific requirement in power supply, storage, di...


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