• News!JHC collaborate with Cambricon for building AIoT intelligent ecology

    Aims to optimize AI computing power of edge-end devices, accelerate the development of AIoT industries, and jointly build a new smart ecosystem.

  • Special discount for industrial automation field expert

    JHC edge controller, with higher machining accuracy, high real-time, high redundancy and reliability, small common mode error,optimal solution for industrial automation

  • JHC Succeed in Joining the Intel MRS Plan Formally!

    Recently, JHC joined the Intel MRS (Market Ready Solution) Plan relying on excellent solution for Road Pricing Inspection System.

  • Intel and JHCTECH Jointly Create ETC Solutions Based on Intel® Architecture

    Intel has been working closely with partners including JHCTECH to achieve the tight integration of software and hardware, and the rapid
    deployment of ETC IPC product...

  • JHCTECH Overseas Exhibition Strategy inthe First Half of 2020


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