• 2018 JHCTECH Fourth Quarter Birthday Party

    2018.12.21 JHCTECH held the 4th quarter birthday party.

  • Congratulation !JHCTECH Won Intel’s 2018 Craftsmanship Enterprise Award

    2018.12.19, JHCTEECH boss--Andy Zhang was invited by Intel to participate in the Intel 2018 Partner Appreciation Dinner.Won the "Ingenuity of the Year Award" fo...

  • Netherlands Customer Visit JHCTECH and Contact Cooperation

    Recently, overseas customers have seen JHC’s KMDA series products on JHCTECH’s official website, and have come to visit and negotiate cooperation!

  • Application of KMDA-3601 in illegal whistle capture system

    The whistle capture system precisely locks the position of any noise source through sonar (microphone array) technology, and extracts the sound characteristics of the hor...

  • 2018 Security China

    2018 Security China,jhctech will be "No AI, restless defense" as the theme, a comprehensive display of artificial intelligence, deep learning, Edge computing, m...


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