• Introducting SIGM-U1350, a 1U Rack-mounted AI Box Computer

    Product Overview

    SIGM-U1350 is a standard 1U rack mount fanless In-Vehicle & rugged computer, powered by Intel® Skylake/Kabylake-U CPU, with MLU220T-MXM module, support dual 4G LTE/ Wifi/BT/GPS and other wireless functions,DC 110V. It is EN50155 certified, which is suitable for intelligent transportation systems, in-vehicle applications, smart railway, and other fields.


    Product Highlights


    1 AIoT Dual Architecture

    The SIGM-U1350 uses Intel 6th/7th Skylake-U and Kabylake-U ULT SoC CPU as the X86 main processor, with Cambricon MLU220T NPU as coprocessor.


    MLU220T-MXM Module Features:


    - Compact size [length 82mm*width 70mm (without fan)],support passive heat dissipation design

    - Cambricon MLU220T deep learning SOC chip

    - 8GB LPDDR4x memory

    - Built-in NPU computing power, up to 16TOPS (INT8)

    - Support H.264, HEVC(H.265), VP8, VP9 codec

    - Decoding performance 820fps@FHD, encoding performance 800fps@FHD

    - MXM3.1 slot for easy host expansion

    - DC IN 12~20V wide voltage power supply

    - MLU220T wide temperature chip (Tj: -40~105℃)


    2 Standard 19’’ 1U Rack-mounted


    The standard 19-inch 1U rack-mounted type makes the equipment suitable for various size requirements of cabinets in the railway. Meanwhile, the front IO interface is convenient for the installation of vehicle-mounted single-door cabinets.


    3 EN50155:2017 Certified


    ◆Wide-Temperature Operating with No Fan

    Fanless operating temperature range EN50155 TX: -40~70℃

    (Run at 85°C for 15 minutes).


    ◆Wide Voltage DC Power Supply

    DC 43-160V, covering different power supply requirements of 48V, 72V, 96V and 110V.


    ◆High reliability power supply design

    1) Overvoltage continuous supply and protection

    2) Under-voltage continuous supply and protection

    3) Power Supply after interrupted

    4) Continuous supply with alternating ups and downs


    ◆Vibration and Shock Resistant Design

    4 Target Market

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