• "KMDA-3602 Autobiography"


    Let's meet again~

    How are you ?

    I have been meeting with you for the first time for a while ( NEW ARRIVAL! Vehicle computer KMAD-3602). During this time, JHCTECH made a film "KMDA-3602 Autobiography". The film gave a very detailed introduction to KMAD-3602, so don't miss it!

    Click to watch "KMDA-3602 Autobiography"↑↑↑↑

    Advantages of KMDA-3602:

    1. With vehicle/vehicle certification (eMark / EN50155);

    2.High stability. The motherboard is connected to the sub-board wirelessly, and the shock-absorbing mounting bracket has good shock resistance;

    3, Skylake-S/Kabylake-S platform supports up to 15 full bandwidth Gigabit Ethernet ports and 6 native USB3.0

    4, DC6-48V wide voltage power supply, support short circuit / reverse connection / over voltage and over current protection, ITPS vehicle power management;

    5, 4*DP1.2 and 2*HDMI1.4 six 4K display, H.265 codec, maximum 64 channels 4M/1080P stream decoding capability;

    6, support TPM2.0 security encryption, support Intel vPro vPro technology.

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