• BRAV-7302 debuts at ABC SUMMIT, and leads Baidu to lead intelligent change

    2018 Baidu Yunzhi Summit aims to combine artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things with the theme of “Inception Leading Smart Change”. As the leading artificial intelligence enterprise in China, Baidu is a global leader in artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data. JHCTECH is an industrial control company with many years of IoT technology background and focusing on the development of intelligent IoT systems.

    BRAV-7302 advantage
    1. Equipped with Intel Skylake-S/Kabylake-S high-performance platform, can be equipped with 1 MXM3.1 GPU module, support independent NVIDIA Gforce GTX full series and AMD RX series up to 120W power consumption GPU;
    2, support multiple cameras at the same time to achieve different types of high-speed inspection; support 4K display, GPU with high-performance image processing capabilities, support for real-time analysis and recognition of video, pictures
    3, equipped with a variety of interfaces, can be connected to PLC, motor, lighting controller and display, while supporting 4G card wireless network and Wifi / BT wireless communication;
    4. Stable operation in harsh industrial environments;
    5. Ensure that controllers, cameras, and software systems are smoothly coordinated and fully compatible.

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