• Application of KMDA-3601 in illegal whistle capture system

    what is the illegal whistle capture system ?
    The illegal whistle capture system is a smart capture system that emerged in the high-tech era. Compared with the previous law enforcement, it can only rely on the human ear to determine whether to whistle, but can not give evidence of credible service, whistle capture system The core lies in the ability to accurately locate and capture vehicles that violate the law on the road in real time, and generate a penalty basis image that meets the requirements of GAT832-2014 “Technical Specification for Road Traffic Safety Illegal Image Forensics” and generate 2s capture video (including sound). In real time, the photos, sound videos and other evidence of the illegal whistle process are stored in the center for further verification.

    It is mainly installed at the intersection of urban roads, key road sections, schools, hospitals, docks, institutions and other key banned areas
    System composition:
    Acoustic probes: use integrated sonar probes to detect and locate car whistle using sonar and phased array radar technology;
    License plate capture recognition subsystem: consists of a high-definition camera and a KMDA-3601 industrial computer. After the acoustic probe detects the car whistle, it tracks and captures the license plate number of the whistle vehicle;
    Back-end law enforcement linkage subsystem: Linked with the traffic police law enforcement system, uploading evidence of illegal whistle vehicle whistle behavior to the traffic police law enforcement system, displaying the illegal vehicle number plate in real time through the electronic display screen, or pushing to the law enforcement personnel's mobile phone and other mobile terminals device.
    working principle:
    The whistle capture system precisely locks the position of any noise source through sonar (microphone array) technology, and extracts the sound characteristics of the horn through voiceprint recognition technology, such as brake sound, bird sound, square dance, vocals, whistles Etc.) Filter out, accurately locate the actual whistle vehicle, and then use the high-performance cabinet computer KMDA-3601 to capture the video and license plate recognition of the whistling vehicle to determine the illegal whistle vehicle.

    Application advantages:
    1) Intel Skylake-S/Kabylake-S Core I3/I5/7 CPU, high performance processing capability;
    2) 2*DDR4 2133MHz/2400MHz, up to 32GB;
    3) 7* Gigabit Ethernet port, 4 optional POE functions, to meet the arrangement of multiple cameras and acoustic probes;
    4) 2* SATA3 drive frame, support Raid0/1;
    5) -20 ° C ~ 65 ° C wide temperature work, sustainable work 7 * 24h, high reliability and uninterrupted work;
    6) 16-bit isolated DIO, strong resistance to on-site interference.

    Application Scenario

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