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    Recently, overseas customers have seen a box computer on JHCTECH's official website. They first sent a small visit to JHCTECH and negotiated their intentions. After receiving the information, the small collection will send relevant customer information to the overseas sales managers -Lyn and Fish, who are very responsible for preparing the required product information and machines.

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    Product introduction: KMDA-3602

    KMDA-3602 is a high-performance on-board computer from Jihe, the latest active and passive combination of thermal design. The latest INTEL Skylake-S/Kabylake-S processor, dual DDR4 2133MHz memory. Independent NVIDIA or AMD MXM3.1 GPU module, DP and HDMI dual 4K core 3DP and HDMI standalone, 3 network ports, 4POE, 6USB3.0, 2 Mini PCIe and 1M.2 built-in expansion, support dual 4G and Wifi/ BT and GPS wireless communication. 1mSATA, 1M.2 and 1 2.5-inch SATA disk three storage. DC DC6-48V wide voltage power supply, ITPS delay on and off function. CPU+GPU dual-processor high-performance multi-network port multi-display multi-wireless communication damping design, suitable for mobile command, mobile law enforcement vehicle and special engineering vehicle applications.

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