• Surprise!BRAV-7303 will meet with you at the 17th China public security expo on October 28th-31th .

    AI , artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, also known as intellectual and machine intelligence, refers to the intelligence exhibited by machines made by people. It covers machine translation, intelligent control, expert systems, robotics, language and image understanding, aerospace applications, massive information processing, storage and management, execution of applications that cannot be performed by living organisms or complex or large-scale tasks.
    The new Brav series BRAV-7303, recently launched by JHCTECH, is an embedded high-performance GPU computing platform. The workstation-class Intel Skylake-S/Kabylake-S processor supports powerful GPU computing platforms. Support NVIDIA series graphics card, H110/Q170 chipset, 2*DDR4 2133/2400MHz, dual channel memory, maximum support 32GB and other performance provides multiple solutions for AI reasoning operation, face recognition and so on.

    Extra! BRAV-7303 will meet with you at the Shenzhen Anbo Conference on October 28th! Click on the picture below to make an appointment.   ↓↓↓

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