• JHCTECH 2019 Annual Meeting

    On January 10, 2019, JHCTECH held a meeting on the 2019 opening year at the Shenzhen headquarters. The meeting mainly summarized the achievements and experience of 2018, analyzed the current situation faced by the company, looked for the deficiencies in the work, clarified the company's tasks and development goals for the coming year, and deployed the work in 2019.

    2018 Marketing Center Conference

    First of all, General Manager Zhang Yingju made an in-depth analysis of the achievements and experience of 2018, and based on this, put forward the goal of the 2019 development strategy.

    The marketing center's small partners are very focused on listening, and said that 2019 is strict with the higher goals to make better achievements! Mr. Zhang said that he will always be the strong backing of our marketing center, providing us with all-round support. All of you will only go forward and work together to create better results in 2019!

    Chat 2018

    After summing up the results of 2018, our special sales representative of Xi'an Office, Wang Teguang, shared with you the experience of 2018 about his working methods and customer relationship.

    After listening to the sharing of special light, the small partners said that they should develop their own marketing methods in many ways and in multiple channels, expand their marketing channels and move towards better results!

    Brand strategy and marketing channels

    Through some analysis of sales performance and goals, our small brother in the marketing department also introduced the company's in-depth introduction to brand strategy promotion and marketing channels in 2019.

    The small partners have further understanding of the brand strategy of 2019 and the company's first half of the exhibition, expressing confidence! 2019 to refueling forward!

    Customer service department and marketing center exchange meeting

    In the contact with the customer will always encounter some difficult problems, this time we need professional answers from our customer service department to assistance Xu Kede, the head of the customer department, and the small partners of the marketing center discussed the thorny and potential problems that customers often encounter in using the machine, and patiently answered questions for their friends.

    After listening to a professional and detailed assist strategy, the small partners said that they were very confident before, and now they are full of enthusiasm + professionals. It seems that the assists are not only timely but also very powerful!

    New industry/new application/new product introduction in 2019

    Looking back at the achievements and experience of 2018, but the goal of 2019 cannot be dropped. Product manager Cheng Jiagang introduced the company's new products and industry applications in 2019.

    Knowing the most promising industries in 2019, we can more closely develop products that fit the market, serve our customers with better quality, and harvest the fruits that are ours.

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