• "Review 2018, Outlook 2019" - JHCTECH Annual Summary Meeting

    On January 12, 2019, JHCTECH opened a summary meeting on the work of 2018 at Mission Hills Resort.The conference is divided into four parts:

    (1) General Manager Andy Zhang: 2018 Enrichment, 2019 Firm

    (2) Technical Director Jesse Chen: "Breakthrough and Improvement"

    (3)Director of Manufacturing Center:Mr. Huang, "Details and Implementation”

    (4) Quality Year 2019: Flagship Ceremony of the Quality Department

    General Manager Andy Zhang: 2018 Enrichment, 2019 Firm

    Before the meeting, Andy showed everyone 2018 visits to customers and agents .2018 was a very fulfilling year.

    Andy said that 2018 is the year of JHCTECH's breakthrough in cornering. It is not easy for everyone. Although it is full of vitality and vitality, the road is bumpy, but it has achieved independent research and development in a complete sense. For 2018, we must seek truth from facts and face it objectively. We must be ourselves and open ourselves.

    In 2019, JHCTECH will seek strength inward, change itself, unite and cooperate; connect to symbiosis and make the best choice.

    Andy also said that 2019 is the year of quality. We must build a credible principle and establish a quality concept. In addition, talents are the foundation of comprehensive quality. We must optimize the quality, strive for excellence, and increase investment in R&D. 

    And We must act as the leader of "Independent Innovation   Wisdiom in China"  Standing at the forefront of the industry, set the benchmark. 

    JHCTECH is striving towards the goal of “China No.1 and Global Top 3 ”!

    Technical Director Jesse Chen: "Breakthrough and Improvement"

    Technical Director Jesse said that the efficiency and professionalism of the customer service department in 2018 has been greatly improved, and the customer complaint rate has also been greatly reduced. In terms of product development, JHCTECH has successfully developed four embedded motherboards to complete the product line of the whole machine. In the full sense of independent research and development; at the same time, the O-Style Service proposed by the product department has been highly evaluated by customers; and the product department and marketing department jointly held 5 "Agent  Training Camp", product manager Colin went out to visit and On-site training for 80+ sessions was conducted.

    In 2019, the R&D center will continue to enhance team combat and challenge high-end needs. JHCTECH has joined the Intel ISA Alliance and entered into in-depth cooperation with Intel; it will strengthen its marketing efforts, improve its product range, develop more competitive, high-tech, high-intelligence new products, and continuously move toward independent innovation.

    Director of Manufacturing Center:Mr. Huang, "Details and Implementation”

    Mr.Huang, director of the manufacturing center, said that JHCTECH not only pays attention to detail, but also pays more attention to the implementation of execution.

    In 2019, the manufacturing center will achieve a quality improvement, fully implement the PDCA process, and form a consensus with the R&D department to jointly produce high-quality products. And we must grasp two sites: First, we must deepen the production of the first-line site, find problems in time, solve the problem and solve potential hidden dangers; Second, we must deepen the customer site, understand customer needs, listen to customers' voices, and provide customers with better quality process services. 

    2019,Quality Year 

    For 2019, the Quality Department will implement the basic guiding ideology of total quality management: emphasis on quality first, customer first, and all prevention. Full implementation of quality management principles, quality issues will be planned through PDCA cycle - Implementation - Inspection - improvement until closure.

    In order to show the importance of the 2019 quality year, Andy held a flag-raising ceremony for the quality department, which also means that the 2019 quality year is imperative, all JHCTECH staffs work together towards the same goal.

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