• Fifteen Years of Redemption Award at JHCTECH Annual Awards Ceremony - Jesse Chen

    Fifteen Years of Redemption Award at JHCTECH Annual Awards Ceremony - Jesse Chen

    文章 - 三百六十五里路

      In August 2004, when he stepped into JHCTECH, he should have never thought that this stay was 15 years. At that time, he was young and prosperous. Now he is calm and sturdy, but he is also smeared with frost.
        In the past fifteen years, he has built a research and development center of JHCTECH. He is the witness and host of JHCTECH's entire research and development process. He gave his best time to JHCTECH, the backbone and spirit of the JHCTECH R&D Center.
        He is JHCTECH's most sincere partner, our vice president - Jesse Chen.

    Jesse said that he is very honored to participate in all aspects of the company's process. He always remembers the development and debugging of the first motherboard in 2005, the excitement and joy in his heart; he participated in the seminar and speech in Guilin for the first time in 2008, and participated in Taiwan for the first time in 2012. The technical exchange meeting, as well as the experience of going abroad to participate in the exhibition in 2016, let him face it more calmly and positively in the face of some difficulties and challenges. In the following work, he will continue to lead the technical team to enter the independent research and development of the whole people, lead China's intellectual creation, and work together with the company in the future.

    Because of mutual trust, respect, recognition and tacit understanding, JHCTECH is getting farther and farther on the road of product development; because of unreserved efforts, JHCTECH has a firmer momentum in the development process; With 100% full support, I have JHCTECH today's more and more beautiful rainbow!
    Thanks too much, but only the word "grateful" can express their heart to each other.

    Thanks to Jesse for his contribution to the company, and to his family for his full support. Thanks to the family's wholehearted support, Jesse can work wholeheartedly, contribute the best side to JHCTECH, and grow with JHCTECH!

    Finally, I would like to give Jesse and his family the best wishes, and thank him for his efforts and efforts in JHCTECH for 15 years!

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