• JHCTECH’s KMDA-3920 box computer helps prevent and control the outbreak of epidemic

    The Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), has aroused the concern of many members of the public. To deal with it, Chinese governments at all levels have launched the first level response to major public health emergencies. 24-hour temperature detection points at traffic hubs to measure the temperature of each passer-by are set up.  The on-line infrared thermometers used at these temperature detection points can conduct a non-contact temperature examination of personnel on a large scale in the crowded areas and immediately identify individuals with abnormal temperature.  The solution is to help governments building first-line defense for epidemic prevention and outbreak control.


    The intelligent infrared thermometer supports on-line high-precision temperature measurement with ±0.3 accuracy. It also supports high resolution and high frame rate.  The intelligent infrared thermometer adopts auto-focus approach and supports multiple network protocols. The real-time temperature information can be transmitted, detected, and perform rapid screen and diagnosis.  This can be widely deployed in traffic hubs and public places such as airports, railway stations, subways, hospitals, schools, etc…to quickly screening out feverish people.

    The accuracy, fast, and large-scale temperature measurement requires back-end computing power as well as processor to deal with visual image through background algorithm.   KMDA-3920 is built for such heavy-duty applications.


    Why KMDA-3920?

    Recently, KMDA-3920 is selected to configure as solution for the epidemic prevention and control.  Based on the requirement of customized specific analysis and critical environmental needs.  KMDA-3920, high-performance box computer, is a solution with expansion functions including  rich IO interfaces, multiple PCIe and PCI expansion slots and easy-to-remove L-shaped cover which is convenient to install function module. KMDA-3920 is perfectly suitable for video security and machine vision and AI applications.


    Key Features of KMDA-3920

    · Aluminum chassis, SGCC frame 

    · Intel® Kabylake-S/Skylake-S CPU 

    · 2*DDR4 2400/2133MHz SODIMM, Up to 32GB 

    · DP+HDMI+VGA, Optional 3 independent displays 

    · 2*LAN, 4*USB3.0, 3*USB2.0, 4*COM, 8-bit DIO 

    · PCIeX16+PCIeX4 or 2*PCI expansion 

    ·1*Mini PCIe(PCIe+USB), 1*M.2 2242 B-Key 

    · 1*mSATA, 2*2.5" SATA, suppprtRaid0,1(Q170) 

    · Support Intel® iVpro(Q170) and TPM2.0 

    · DC 12~24V Wide Power Input

    KMDA-3920 Operation Diagram

    Application topology of Temperature warning system 

    The KMDA-3920 is the heart of entire solution which includes temperature-measuring infrared camera, wide-angle camera, exclusive constant temperature measuring instrument, 4G module, and tripod…etc.  The infrared thermometer camera collects the body temperature data of  each passer-by in real time. The thermal imaging and high-definition wide-angle camera  capture the video information on the spot. KMDA-3920 is in charged of analyzing the massive data collected by the camera through the customized algorithm built in KMDA-3920. The analyzed data is, then, transmitted to the cloud platform through the network. If the centralized control system finds anyone whose temperature exceeds the set threshold value or people who does not wear a mask, it will grab the portrait, mark it and send alert to the staff.

    KMDA-3920 serves as an AI application which collects, decodes, analyzes, control and output data and also play a role of communication management.

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