• AI temperature detection,the first pass of COVID-19 prevention

    Currently, the COVID-19 is spreading around the world quickly, and the number of cases in many countries continues to increase. In order to jointly deal with the epidemic, a common enemy of mankind,JHCTECH launched the AI face recognition temperature detection system MBPC-K203T (P), constructing the first-line defense against COVID-19.

       1、Difficulties in epidemic prevention   

              2、 Solution            

    MBPC-K203T(P) uses advanced AI face recognition technology, through rapid, non-contact, accurate thermal imaging technology,help government departments at all levels and enterprises to detect temperature , early warn and track.When people walk by in front of the camera,the temperature will be displayed in real time  automatically . Once the set temperature is exceeded, the system will automatically send out an alarm sound to remind the on-site staff . 

             3、Application scenario         

    Access control A

    ——Suitable for densely populated and high-risk areas such as railway stations, airports, bus terminals, industrial parks, construction sites, campuses, etc.

    (1)Protection level:IP65

    (2)Maximum detection distance: 80cm;

    (3)Recognition speed :less than 1 second/person;

    (4)Temperature resolution:sensor realized a high resolution of 0.02℃;
    (5)Abnormal temperature: real-time fever warning automatically , the gate and access control area will be closed;

    (6)200W pixel HD low-illumination camera: suitable for complex light environment to achieve face recognition;

    (7)Support large-capacity face template library 20,000 people, which can improve recognition rate through AI algorithm self-learning;

    (8)Compatible with 1:1 person-ID comparison and 1: N multi-face library comparison, card + face recognition.

    Access control B

    ——Suitable for smart community, elevator access control, government ,enterprise, hotels, office buildings, residential areas, etc.

    (1)Optimal temperature range:2-60cm(front  face);

    (2)Temperature measuring speed:0.5s~0.8s;

    (3)Temperature resolution:sensor realized a high resolution of 0.02℃;

    (4)High cost-effective,integrated conveniently:can be installed directly on the existing access control, gate, protect the original investment, save manpower and material resources;

    (5)Installation method:Standard wall mounting bracket、Pole bracket 、Optional desktop mounting bracket(Suitable for mounting on desktop or gate machine).

         4、Competitiveness Advantages   

    (1)Wider  application:
    The temperature measuring speed is within 0.5~0.8seconds and the temperature measuring resolution  can reach 0.02℃ ,  moreover, the optimum operating temperature is above 10℃,which makes it more applicable and improves the temperature measuring efficiency and speed.

    (2)Better flexibility and longer distance:
    The maximum detection angle of FOV:34°; the maximum temperature distance :80cm; the optimal temperature distance : 2-60cm(forehead); measurable temperature range : -10℃~100℃.

    (3)Multiple connection:
    RS485 interface, USB interface (customization), RJ45 (customization).The device directly output temperature data, make the third-party software or hardware equipment  easier to connect.

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