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    2019 JHCTECH OSBC Creative Smart Joint Eco-Seminar - Beijing Station finally came on June 19th, JHCTECH invited industry participants to come together to share about JHCTECH For AIoT multi-architecture product solutions and easy-to-design OSBC single-board computer and product-related content. Xie Qingshan, China Manager of Intel IoT Sales and Marketing, was invited to share his knowledge about the Industrial Internet of Things, which also means that JHCTECH will work with Intel in a further step! In addition, JHCTECH agents and customers were invited to share related sets and product-related applications.


    The beginning of the meeting by the North China Sales Director - Bunning for you a brief introduction of the set and sincere development layout, product research and development input and development goals, and strive to work together for cooperation, win-win situation.

    Meeting Theme Sharing

    Our product manager, Cheng Jiagang, introduced the details of JHCTECH's Multi-Architecture Product Solutions for AIOT and OSBC Single Board Computer and Related Products for Easy Design. This led to the participants expressed a better understanding of AIoT and OSBC, and said the summit was a rare opportunity for exchange and learning.

    Intel Empowers the Future of the IOT

    The conference also invited Xie Qingshan, China Manager from Intel's Internet of Things Business Unit, as a guest speaker to share relevant content on the development strategy and key industry solutions that will help the Future of the Internet of Things. JHCTECH, as Intel's multi-year partner, is at the forefront of product development expertise and IoT application solutions, and the later cooperation between the two sides will be more in-depth.

    During the short coffee break, we showed the small partners at the meeting the relevant products Demo, the small partners are very interested in JHCTECH products, our staff is very responsible for the detailed description!

    After a wonderful product Demo presentation, our partner IROOTECH and agent CHNNI also gave a brief introduction to the cooperation and product applications between the two companies with the collection and sincerity.

    IROOTECH's Xu also shared the content of "Machines Drive Social Progress, Industrial Internet Empowerment Enterprise Transformation Innovation" and further introduced the traditional manufacturing industry to digital transformation.

    Liu, of Guo-controlled Sicision, also shared the content of "Hardware Applications for Internet of Things Acquisition Layer and Edge Computing" and also introduced the application of the application in different fields with JHCTECH products (ALAD series industrial tablets and KMDA series of embedded box computers).

    Meeting Leaders Photo

    This Beijing Station Seminar is a further performance of JHCTECH and partners moving towards the next stage of IoT products, JHCTECH looks forward to creating OSBC to create a smart ecosystem in a co-creation mode, and join hands with partners to log on to the next stage of the Internet of Things. Thanks to the partners and the media, but also to The JHCTECH front and backroom staff, let us cheer for ourselves!

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