• Exhibition||JHCTECH’s Event at IAMD SHENZHEN

      On June 26th, South China International Industrial Automation Exhibition (IAMD) opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. JHCTECH brought the latest products and a full range of motherboards, industrial tablet PCs and embedded cabinet computers to make a strong attack. “Independent innovation Wisdom in China" new style!

    South China International Automation Exhibition---The most influential industry event in the industrial automation industry in South China, the authoritative promotion platform for intelligent manufacturing and industrial automation products.

    JHCTECH Booth

    As an automation product solution and service provider, JHCTECH brought its latest industrial automation products and research and development results, attracting a large number of automation industry people to visit booths and discuss cooperation.

    Highlight 1: Industrial Panel PC

    The ALAD industrial panel PC features an ultra-low power, fanless design. Capacitance, resistance touch plus LED backlight true color LCD, bi-amplifier speakers and ultra-clear HDMI display, rich expansion interface. The 10.1-inch, 12.1-inch, 15-inch, 17-inch, 18.5-inch, 19-inch and 21.5-inch full-size series have been favored by many customers!

    Highlight 2: Embedded Box Computer

    The embedded box computer used in the automation field of MES system, machine vision, mechanical numerical control, etc., allows peer professionals and customers to endure the understanding of the box and the cabinet computer. Our staff is also very warm reception and explain. This time, there are also many fresh "new stars" unveiled:

    • BRAV-7501: Workstation-class 8th generation Intel Xeon/Core CPU, helping AI artificial intelligence, deep learning

    • SIGM-2650: All-in-one design, rugged M12 interface, dedicated rail transit embedded system

    Highlight 3: Easy-to-design OSBC Motherboard

    The OSBC series of embedded motherboards that are easy to structure and design are structured, modular and serialized. Many people in the industry have expressed a strong interest in chatting with our staff about their design and application.

    During the exhibition, the JHCTECH team gave the guests a detailed product introduction and solution explanation. With professional technical strength, precise product positioning and super nice service, they won the unanimous approval of the guests.

    In the past 3 days, JHCTECH's product family and solutions have brought us too many wonderful things.

    In the future, JHCTECH will continue to carry out in-depth and continuous research and development around “Independent innovation Wisdom in China” to bring more new products and new technologies to customers!

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