• Grand openging!Big hotshot gatherd, in-depth foresee, JHC smart highway touring seminar . Shenzhen started hotly


    In the afternoon, Oct 22th, JHCTECH touring seminar  with the theme of Smart Highway.V2X the first stop Shenzhen seminar was successfully held.

    Cooperate with a number of industry experts to talk about C-V2X, the main communication technology of vehicle-road collaboration, the way for CVIS(Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System) cross-industry integration and explore the future of the Internet of Vehicles under 5G.

    Seize market opportunity, and accelerate growth of CVIS

    Policy promotes the opening of 100 billion grade market. In China, on February 24, the "Smart Vehicle Innovation Development Strategy" issued by National Development and Reform Commission directly promoted the intelligent driving and vehicle-road collaboration V2X . With the advent of 5G, overseas countries such as the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea are also accelerating the deployment of CVIS(Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System), which is expected to form a global investment boom.

    Wisdom collision, in-depth foresee

    Accelerating the deployment of CVIS, build an industrial ecosystem of "people-vehicle-road-cloud". JHC Product Director, Colin, analyzed the output value map for roadside edge and vehicle edge computing in the global market. He has been researching on AIoT multiple architectures depply, based on the basic architecture Intel X86 general processor, and GPU, FPGA, DSP and ASIC coprocessors as the heterogeneous architecture for accelerating computing.

    On his speech, Colin put forward the scheme design for embedded system in vehicle-road collaborative edge computing architecture, integrating smart camera, VPU neural network, CPU data storage and communication management, to provide complete solutions for vehicle monitoring and inspection .

    Deal with techinical challenges for future data: High bandwidth, high storage, low latency, high security. The intelligent upgrade of the transportation system is a major opportunity for country, society, and enterprises. The diverse application scenarios generate massive amounts of data ,which will bring new technical challenges and will also promote the rapid development of artificial intelligence, next-generation communication and network technologies. Dr. Lei Ming, Intel's senior architect, deeply analyzed MEC for C-V2X system architecture, key technologies and industrial deployment of V2X architecture of Internet of Vehicles .

    With the wave of 5G leading the new infrastructure construction, how to achieve the super-integration of 5G and the Internet of Vehicles? An expert from Gosuncn , committed to smart city Internet of Things , delivered his unique and interesting opinion: During the 5G-V2X is commercializing, at the end of the car, road and cloud, through deploying Internet of Vehicles solutions deeply, accelerate the integration of communication, perception, computing applications, create smart roads, empower smart cars, and rely on flexible networks build a powerful cloud and serve free people.

    As the future direction of smart transportation, the development of The Internet of Vehicles need requires deep integration and innovation across industries and fields. Industry expert of Leishen Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd., a global leading provider in LiDAR and application solutions, brought lively explanations and demonstrations. Its lidar technology , combined with JHCTECH embedded solution, through covering the road overall, can integrate laser point cloud and vision completely, share all data from the car end and cloud end, and innovate the application in the field of vehicle-road collaboration.

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