• The Role of JHCTECH Edge Computing System in the Advanced Test of Vehicle-road Collaboration

    The coming of 5g commercial era has promoted the social development and steady economic growth in China. Vehicle road collaboration ushers in new opportunities for development, and edge computing and edge cloud collaboration also usher in the spring of large-scale application. The infrastructure construction of Internet of vehicles ushered in the tide of upgrading, and the pilot scale of Internet of vehicles has gradually increased, and has entered the construction of advanced mode pilot area from the primary mode.

    development become top priority  in the future, intelligent transportation system plays a very important role in improving traffic management efficiency, alleviating traffic congestion, reducing environmental pollution and ensuring traffic safety. It meets the requirements of building "smart city" and "safe city" in China, and is strongly supported by the government. JHCTECH edge computing system plays an important role in the construction of intelligent transportation system. It has participated in the construction of Guangzhou Biological Island closed test field, Changzhou National modern intelligent transportation network, Qilu traffic intelligent network Expressway test base and other projects.

        With the complexity and diversification of processing information, a single system architecture can no longer meet the requirements of MEC equipment in vehicle road collaboration. Different performance CPU platforms and AI acceleration architectures with different computing power levels become the inevitable choice and trend.

    Efficient Processing of Data Information

    The access of multiple devices requires MEC devices to have high performance AI computing capability,
    It supports inserting multiple AI accelerators and data acquisition cards at the same time. Jihecheng brav series products can insert 1-4 AI accelerators and data acquisition cards,
    8-264tops solution

    High Demand of Network Communication Management

    The original gigabit network bandwidth can no longer meet the huge information communication needs in vehicle road coordination, so it is necessary to provide network ports with higher communication bandwidth,
    BRAV series products provide multiple gigabit network ports and 10 Gigabit optical ports, and the wireless network can support 4G LTE and 5g;
    Data Security, Storage Space & Backup

    BRAV series supports independent nvme acceleration system disk and RAID disk redundant array, which can ensure the stability of system operation and data security;

    High IP Protection Level

    Support working in different temperature environment, with remote management ability

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