• 【Product Alert】KMDA-2630 Palm-sized Box PC with Intel Elkhart lake CPU

    KMDA-2630 is a compact and fanless box computer with ultra-low power consumption, powered by Intel Elkhart lake SoC Celeron series quad-core or dual-core processors. It supports 2.5G bandwidth network and dual USB3.1gen2 10G high-speed ports. Besides, the features of rich IO functions, aluminum chassis for heat dissipation, wide-voltage power supply all make it suitable for machine vision, AGV/ARM and data gateway and many other fields.

    Upgraded Elkhart Lake CPU Platform

    KMDA-2630 box computer uses Intel Elkhart lake SoC Celeron J6412 2.0-2.6GHz 4-core 4-thread or Celeron N6210 1.2-2.6GHz dual-core dual-thread ultra-low power processor. Compared with previous generation CPU, Elkhart Lake CPU can increase 1.7 times in single-thread performance, the workload of multi-threaded is increased by 1.5 times, and the graphics performance is improved by 2 times.

    Intel UHD Graphics 11th Gen

    KMDA-2630 uses Intel UHD Graphics 11th Gen, which supports 1*HDMI+1*VGA display. The performance of graphics acceleration is increased by up to twice.

    ◆ Support 3 Independent Display, Dual 4K Display Output

    - Support 3 monitors simultaneously

    - Supports two monitors with resolution up to 4KP60

    ◆ Powerful video coding and decoding capability

    - Supports parallel decoding, supports the new H.265 encoding through the integration of advanced media encoders and decoders

    - HW Encode: support H.265/HEVC, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, MPEG-2, JPEG/MJPEG ,VP8;

    - HW Decode: support H.265/HEVC, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, MPEG-2, VC-1/WMV9, JPEG/MJPEG, VP8, VP9

    Rich I/O interface & Support customized I/O board


    The panel function interface includes three displays + dual network + dual USB3.1 + dual USB2.0 + dual storage (1*2.5’’ SATA 3.0 (6.0Gbps) 1*mSATA, support AHCI), the ECD-160 can be transferred through the M.2 interface. From the I-port interface, the KMDA-2630 box computer is able to expand dual network interface (ECB-246) or dual CAN interface (ECB-260).

    Additionally, the box computer supports customized I/O boards for customers’ specific requirements. The customized I/O board supports 2*PCIeX1, 4*USB2.0,Front-Audio, 1*PS/2, Front-Panel, 1*SM bus, 1*eSPI and other signal, allowing customers to reduce the cost and improve efficiency.

    2* 2.5G LAN & 5G NR

    The bandwidth of two Intel I225V LAN is up to 2.5Gbps, which enables to provide a 2.5 times transmission speed than that of a traditional Gigabit network.

    Effective Heat dissipation & Large Capacity HDD

    The Aluminum backboard offers effective heat dissipation for HDD, ensuring stable operation.

    Enough internal space to support large capacity HDD (support up to 6TB).

    Palm-sized Box computer


    With a size of 155*111.8*65 mm, the compact KMDA-2630 box computer is suitable to use in limited spaces.

    Wide Power Module

    ◆ Optional OFX-075 power board(DC 9~36V)

    ◆ Flexible Power Supply Option

    Target Market

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