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With the development of urbanization and the improvement of the mobility degree, the urban population and motor vehicle quantity increase sharply, the traffic regulation violation and congestion phenomenon are becoming more and more serious. 

How to regulate the driving behavior and ensuring smooth traffic need to solve urgently. JHCTECH urban traffic control solution capture run the red light, pressing line driving, retrograde and other illegal behavior through real-time video monitoring, electronic police, bayonet system, radar speed measuring device and etc, as the punishment behavior basis of raffic control department, in order to regulate the driver driving. At the same time it can real-time monitor traffic conditions, traffic incident, release traffic information, traffic grooming, to protect the security of the whole urban traffic orderly, safely and efficiently.

JHCTECH integrated the video analysis, video transmission, network storage, embedded computer and other advanced technology, it provides the software and hardware platform, which is from video identification to network transmission, to the streaming media management, and to the software and hardware platform of the network storage, too build urban intelligent traffic monitoring integration solutions.



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