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    Manufacturing companies introduce advanced equipment and technology, improve production processes; at the same time introduce MES system to achieve standardization and intelligent management from raw materials, planning, production, packaging, product distribution to delivery. Significantly improve the production efficiency of enterprises and enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises.

    MES system

    The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a production information management system for the manufacturing floor of the manufacturing enterprise. The upper layer is connected to the ERP, and the lower layer is connected to the PLC, sensors, RFID, scanners, and the like.

    For the application of MES in the field, the company integrates ALAD industrial tablet with ALAD industrial display and KMDA embedded industrial computer as hardware solutions to provide customers with stable, durable, smooth operation and easy installation of MES system hardware solutions.

    1 System composition

    1) Enterprise ERP/SCM/CRM System Data Center;

    2) Wired & Wireless TCP/IP data switch;

    3) Manufacturing execution system MES server;

    4) Industrial Tablet PC + Data Collector + Loudspeaker speaker, material kanban.

    2 system Features

    1) on-site production status of electronic kanban;

    2) Abnormal alarm system;

    3) Intelligent Production plan;

    4) on-site operation of the interactive platform.

    3 System Features

    1, MES system HMI terminal for Alad Series Industrial plate, simple operation, flexible, can be 7*24 hours operation, high reliability;

    2, DC 9~36v wide voltage DC power supply, with Overvoltage, overcurrent, short-circuit protection function, adapt to the industrial site complex power supply environment;

    3, double Gigabit Intel network port, 1 WLAN and Bluetooth 4.0, a variety of network communication functions, can meet the field cable wireless or industrial field network protocol communication needs;

    4, rich I/O function interface, adapt to the field MES sub-function of a variety of functional expansion requirements, the system applicability is strong; 5, Alad Series Industrial tablet computer, from 10.1 to 21.5 inch, a variety of sizes to choose from.

    At the same time in the product's fuselage behind the international standard VESA hole, convenient product embedding or fixed installation to a variety of spaces.

    In the era of Industry 4.0, faced with the strong market demand of smart factories and intelligent manufacturing, Jihecheng has the advantages of industrial computers, industrial control technology and applications.
    Use the Internet of Things to promote the modernization of Industry 4.0 and computer automation equipment.
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