• Mobile Care Nurse Workstation System


    The Ministry of Health issued the national information "twelfth five Year Plan" pointed out that the medical and health information is listed as an important part of the medical and health system reform. Requiring to establish the practical sharing medical and health information system, the use of cloud computing, mobile Internet, RFID and other emerging technology, to promote digital medical demonstration base, remote consultation and other key projects, to promote public health, medical, health care, medicine, financial supervision information construction,resource integration, and gradually achieve unified, efficient, and interoperability. In the above background, flexible and efficient smart mobile devices, especially the tablet PC will play a very important role in the process of medical information in the "twelfth five Year Plan" period. MHPC-M185 medical tablet PC,make the medical information easy to show and check. Gently touch, the monitor, laboratories, radiology department and a large number of medical records collected all data are now able to auto show in front of you, convenient for treatment and nursing. MHPC-M185 collection of electronic medical records system, real-time medical information, confirm medication management, security surveillance monitoring and other applications, it can be widely used in the intensive care unit ICU, operating rooms, static distribution centers, centers and pharmacies ward etc., and in conjunction with mobile carts become the hospital's mobile information center, in order to achieve comprehensive treatment information, whole object and whole process effective collection and tracking process.

    Technical Features:

    18.5 "TFT touch LCD, plastic body, fanless design

    High-performance Intel Core CPU, 4GB memory

    Support 802.11b/g/n wireless network, bluetooth and other mobile interactive devices and gigabit network adapter

    Through UL-2601-1 / EN60601-1, CE / FCC B level certification, RoHS certification

    Integrated smart card reader for identification, built-in microphone and voice communication capabilities, 2 million pixel CCD camera used in medical diagnosis

    The surface can be directly used alcohol wipe, strong, durable, IP54 grade splash and dust protection, high reliability

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