• AI Edge Computing System Face Recognition Snapping System

    Face recognition technology is a typical application mode in artificial intelligence "AI+ security".  Looking back on the scene of last year's Beijing Amber Conference, face technology was closely combined with urban security, and its application effect was well received.  "Dynamic Face Recognition", "1:N Static Large Library Face Search System", "Face Verification Gate" and "All-in-One Person and Certificate" product technologies and other rich models have made extraordinary achievements in the security exhibition.

    Face recognition technology is widely used in family, buildings and even community security.  In particular, the public security department is used to control the pursuit and escape, track down suspects, search for missing persons and so on, giving full play to its actual combat value and significance.

    At this stage, the portrait recognition technology is still in the research and exploration stage. With the improvement of its hardware and software technology, the recognition information of human face and human body will be more abundant, the results will be more accurate, and the portrait recognition technology will be more and more mature and perfect.

    Product Recommendation- BRAV-7302
    This JHCTECH product is designed that can be used in face recognition field.

    BRAV-7302CPU+GPUAI architecture for video, face recognition, snapshot, analysis, alarm, etc.

    Industrial personal computers are all composed and supported by industrial components, with DC wide-voltage power input and continuous operation.

    Compared with rack server, this scheme has lower power consumption and smaller volume, can be installed on desktop, and is suitable for narrow environment on site.

    The host uses Intel's common architecture, and when the system is expanded, it is only necessary to simply upgrade and dock the platform software, and there is no need to purchase additional equipment.

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