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    Smart and environmental protection

    Today, with the rapid development of the Internet of Things and big data, the concept of “smart and environmental protection” has risen and developed rapidly. It can be understood as: environmental protection as the core, through cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and other advanced technologies, environmental factors, pollution sources Comprehensive awareness and dynamic monitoring and management of emissions and environmental risk warning decisions.

    Flue gas online monitoring system

    Flue gas online monitoring system for data collection, processing and analysis by JAC Industrial Tablet PC ALAD-K1220T/K1520T, meeting the multiple needs in China's environmental monitoring field

          ——Appearance topology of flue gas online monitoring system

    The monitoring system is divided into two parts: data acquisition hardware and data center software system. The data acquisition hardware is responsible for collecting various environmental data of the site and transmitting the data to the data center.

    The data acquisition hardware is measured by the smoke analyzer, gas analyzer, particulate matter analyzer, pressure transmitter and flue gas pressure, temperature transmitter, humidity sensor measurement, oxygen analyzer measurement, and directly transmitted to Jihecheng industrial grade. Tablet ALAD-K1220T/K1520T for data collection, processing and analysis; and real-time communication with enterprises and environmental protection bureaus through 4G LTE wireless private network or Gigabit network, uploading online monitoring data, with efficient remote management and monitoring And maintenance and other features.

    why choose ALAD-K1220T/K1520T?

    ◆Modular design, more flexible

    The acquisition system based on ALAD series flat panel is moderate in size, compact in structure and convenient for embedded installation; standard modular design, easy to maintain and upgrade;

    ◆Resistant to harsh environment and high stability

    IP65 grade protection full-plane panel, IP54 protection of the whole machine, can run stably for a long time under special industrial environment (high dust, high temperature, high humidity, high corrosion);

    ◆Low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection

    Fanless design, die-casting aluminum alloy fin heat-dissipating shell, the maximum power of the whole machine does not exceed 12V@2..95A, energy saving and environmental protection;

    ◆ Rich I/O interface

    4 USB3.0, 1 USB2.0, 4 serial ports, 2 network ports, and optional 1*PCI/1*PCIe X1, meeting the needs of multiple function interfaces and expansion interfaces in the industrial field;

    ◆Data processing

    The various flue gas parameters obtained by the system's multiple digital sensors are directly transmitted to the ALAD series of flat panels, which can easily complete the functions of collecting, displaying, counting, storing and transmitting measurement data. At the same time, according to the customer communication requirements, the real-time data table can be uploaded to the environmental protection center or the enterprise management background through the 4G LTE wireless private network or the Gigabit network.

    With the increasing support of national policies, the tightening of various pollutant indicators, and the introduction of third-party governance models, China's environmental monitoring industry is welcoming the golden opportunity for development. Jihe is willing to work with partners to create products that are more suitable for the environmental protection industry and meet the multiple needs in China's environmental monitoring field.

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