• BRAV-7302 application of DWS System

    The DWS (Dimensioning Weighting Scanning) system uses high-resolution visual code readers and line laser stereo cameras as front-end visual information collection. It is centered on the high-performance industrial computer BRAV-7302, and is equipped with a dynamic weighing module to complete the delivery. The collection and fusion of basic data such as bar code information, weight and volume. The entire collection and fusion process, accurate data, comes with local storage function, can achieve clear face retention, saving upstream and downstream communication costs. The DWS system is suitable for the transshipment center and the distribution center to the port shore, the internal part picking and other work stations, which can realize the functions of quick entry, rough sorting, aviation parts, and other functions of the port parts, saving labor and improving efficiency and quick objects. Joint information integrity.

    System Features:

    Efficient: The BRAV-7302 high-performance industrial control host performs task management, judges the data received from various cameras, and outputs corresponding action signals. The process of the transmission belt passes through the inspection machine, and the host can accurately analyze the goods picture, and the efficiency High

    Comprehensive: Adopting multi-X86 smart camera fusion platform, it can cover the code 128, code 39, DM, QR and other code systems used in the express logistics industry;

    Flexible: The multi-mode combination of X86 smart camera can adapt to the conveying environment of different scenes; multi-standard dynamic electronic platform scale can be used, express, express, and logistics applications can be used.

    Accurate: The high-resolution X86 smart camera combined with the dynamic recognition algorithm ensures that the reading accuracy of conventional parcels is ≥99%; the line laser stereo camera ensures accurate measurement of the outer contour of the all-weather parcel, with an average error of ≤±5mm.

    Efficient: X86 smart camera and stereo camera processing takes less than 300ms, and the weighing data is quickly integrated, and the overall flow rate can reach 2400 pieces/hour.

    Functional advantages of the BRAV-7302 in the DWS system:

    1. 4~6 USB3.0, 4 serial ports, 16-bit DIO, adapt to the needs of multiple functional interfaces and expansion in the field;

    2. Skylake-S CPU + MXM3.1 GPU module, high performance, to ensure the normal operation of the system;

    3. Support Intel iVpro technology and TPM2.0 security encryption to protect data security;

    4. 2*2.5'' SATA3 driver disk, support RAID0/1;

    5. DC 6~48V wide voltage input, with overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit, undervoltage protection, suitable for industrial complex environment;

    6. 7 Gigabit INTEL network ports, 2 SIM card slots, optional 4G/wireless network, multiple network communication functions, to meet the communication of on-site wired or wireless or industrial field network protocols

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