• KMDA-3202-------Visual Positioning System

    KMDA-3202-------Visual Positioning System
    With the development of technology, traditional manual positioning has gradually been replaced by machine vision positioning system. So what are the advantages of visual positioning systems?

    Front-end information collection system

    • HD area array camera;
    • High resolution industrial lens;
    • Ring light source

    Information center processing system

    • Taking the industrial computer KMDA-3202 as the core;
    • Supplemented by intelligent analysis algorithm to guide the robot arm to operate

    Advantages of KMDA-3202 in visual positioning system 

    • 4 native USB3.0, 7 network ports, optional 4 with POE function, adapt to various camera interfaces on site;
    • Intel skylake-U CPU low power, fanless thermal design, suitable for industrial environments;
    • Support Intel iVpro technology and TPM2.0 security encryption to protect data security;
    • HDMI+DP dual 4K display output;
    • 16-bit isolated DIO + 8-bit DIO, strong anti-interference ability, to meet industrial site needs;
    • DC 9~36V, with overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit, reverse connection protection, safe to use.

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